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Jun 2009
Welcome to Rethinking LOST
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Welcome to the Rethinking LOST podcast.

A place where Scott Copperman, Elton McManus, and the occasional guest take what we now know after five seasons of the television show LOST and revisit questions, predictions, news, theories, and the like from years gone by: in other words, rethink LOST.

Our spoiler policy is fairly simple: if ABC has already released it (on TV, DVD, mobisode, ARG, or the Official Lost Podcast) then it's fair game to be discussed here. We will certainly speculate and theorize about what is to come , but our goal is to stay spoiler-free and offer you that same opportunity.

Join us as we fill the long hiatus with weekly reconsiderations of what we wondered, should have known, and thought we knew over the last five years. And then stick with us through the final season of one of television's greatest shows: LOST.

-Elton and Scott-

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Thanks and namaste.

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