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May 2010
Episode 039 - ReThinking Across the Sea

Some people loved "Across the Sea", some hated it, some are in between. Whatever your stance is, you're sure to enjoy Scott and Elton's rethinking of the episode.

This week the guys present a reaction to the episode and a wondering of what it all may mean from this point forward. In this show you'll hear Scott look back for seeds of what was revealed in this episode, Elton wonder if "Mother" is a "Mother Nature" figure, and much more.

References are made to this article ( ) which contains no spoilers but does declare that two specific questions will NOT be answered in the shows final 3.5 hours.

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy the final episodes of LOST.  We'll be back before the finale if we can make it work out, but if not we'll be here right after.

We hope to make it to the end spoiler-free. Please keep that in mind when tweeting, emailing, or posting on our site.

Thanks for listening.

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