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May 2010
Episode 038 - ReThinking The Candidate
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Join Scott and Elton as they look back at and rethink the latest episode of LOST -The Candidate.

With many of their original theories no longer applicable after last week's episode, the guys start looking back for clues they may have missed in earlier episodes and wonder what other "cons" might in play. Why was so much time spent on the Kwons? Will Ben be a pivotal player inthe final 4.5 hours? Who planted the explosives on the plane? Will Miles survive to the finale? Could a reveal about Anthony Cooper's past be the push Locke needs to let go? What did Widmore mean when he said that if John Locke wasn't on the island the wrong side will win?

Scott and Elton discuss these topics and much more in this Spoiler-Free (as they all are) episode.

We hope to make it through the rest of Season 6 spoiler-free. Please keep that in mind when tweeting, emailing, or posting on this site.

Thanks for listening.

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