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Mar 2010
Episode 032 - Emails, Tweets, and a Contest!
Posted in From Us to You, Season 6 Analysis, Theories, Rethinking 2010 by rethinkinglost at 12:56 am

Hello, listeners. This is NOT a standard ReThinking LOST episode. It DOES make some casual references to the LOST episode which aired in the US the week of March 23, 2010 - nothing major, but we promised you we'd be 100% spoiler-free so if you haven't seen it yet, you should probably wait to listen just to be safe.

In this special bonus episode, we take a minute to discuss some of the thoughts you've emailed and tweeted to us. And... and... we announce a ReThinking LOST contest.

Check back in a day or so for our regular ReThinking of the March 23rd episode.

Thanks for listening, and please do continue to reach out to us.

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