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Feb 2010
Episode 028 - ReThinking The Lighthouse
Posted in Season 6 Analysis, Predictions, Theories, Rethinking 2010 by rethinkinglost at 4:24 pm

This week Scott and Elton rethink "The Lighthouse."

We've tweaked the shows' format a bit, and this episode brings some analysis of the episode and new (spoiler-free, as always) theories about what might lie ahead. We think you're going to like what you hear.

A set of screencaps are referenced in this episode. They are available by clicking here (This link goes directly to a screen cap image gallery. The pages accessed by this direct link and by clicking next picture or previous picture have NO spoilery adverts, headlines, or other content; however, we make no promises about whether you'll find spoilers if you click other links on that page). Thank you to the Get Lost Podcast site for making their screen caps available.

Look for an episode from us next and every weekend, and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, Elton is watching from the UK and usually won't see the episodes until a few days after the US airing. We hope to make it through Season 6 spoiler-free, so we ask that you consider that when tweeting, emailing, or posting on this site.

Thanks for listening, and please do reach out to us.

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