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Feb 2010
Episode 026 - ReThinking What Kate Does
Posted in Season 6 Analysis, Theories, Rethinking 2010 by rethinkinglost at 11:38 am

Onto episode 3 of season 6 What Kate Does.

In this edition Scott and Elton run through the many scenes of this Kate-centric episode, dive into the Temple to find out what Dogan was doing to Sayid, why don't the Temple Others like Miles and, in the flash-sideways, we get to see a familiar face in hospital.

Look for an episode from us next and every weekend, and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, Elton is watching from the UK and usually won’t see the episodes until a few days after the US airing. We hope to make it through Season 6 spoiler-free, so we ask that you consider that when tweeting, emailing, or posting on this site.

Thanks for listening.

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It just remains to say 'What did Kate does?'

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