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Sep 2009
Episode 011 - The Fillers

Welcome to another edition of Rethinking LOST

In this episode Scott & Elton are joined by Anna from the Jacobs Cabin Lost Podcast where we talk about the so-called 'Filler Episodes'. 

Are there any fillers?  If so, which ones and why?

We also talk Jacks' beard.

Let us know your thoughts @

A very big thank you to Anna for joining us.

As always, this is a Season 6 Spoiler-free podcast. So listen without worry. And if you are new to ReThinking LOST, take some time to explore the older episodes. The podcast is formatted so that each episode is an independent show and they can be listened to in any order.

Talk to us:

Bedding music is a custom mix (by Elton) of files found @



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  • Lottery Ticket

    Favorite line:

    Elton: “Do guys actually go “I think I’ll grow a beard.” and then grow a beard? I think it just happens does it? Anna snickers.

    Hi Elton and Scott, still listening. Hi Anna, nice to hear your comments.

    Fillers. Hmmmm. I think ‘Misdirecting” maybe, but not fillers. I understand that writers were waiting on negotiations for end date, but all of the episodes for LOST will have meaning when viewed after last episode. And SOS was quite enjoyable on second and third rewatch. Especially, as we joust for who’s Adam and Eve (see final cut away scene).

    Love determining order of Jack off island by facial hair! See NO fillers. [at mark 2:33 thank you Elton]

    Scott, I think you are correct about Christian’s downward spiral related to island or effects of leaving the island. Since he goes back in coffin, does that make him similar to Locke? or just dead. Was he a candidate? And we forget that Margo was the one that sent Jack to the island to retrieve body. She must be aware of the other family in AU. I am hoping for her return in Season 6.

    On to episode 12.

    By the way. The token thing is killing me. It makes you reload page and deletes comments. I have learned to copy comments before submitting in order to avoid loss, but just wanted you to know.

    Sep 21, 2009 at 12:50 pm