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A different way to look at the TV show LOST

Aug 2009
Episode 007 - The Dead Part 2


This week Scott and Elton continue to pick through the IMDB cast page for LOST and rethink the lives, deaths, and significance of the characters who have "passed on." In Part 2, we look at Carl, Alex, Danielle Rousseau, Michael, and many others.

As always, we are striving to present you a Season 6 Spoiler-free podcast. So listen without worry.

There are still many dead people to talk about (wow, that sounds cold, doesn't it?), but we will be going off on a 1 episode tangent in next week's episode. We are sure you will enjoy that episode, and don't worry - we will return to our study of the dead characters in LOST with Episode 9.

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A very big thank you has to go to the Lost Podcasting Network for taking us under their wing.

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