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Aug 2009
Episode 006 - The Dead Part 1


This week Scott and Elton begin a (Season 6 Spoiler Free!) rethinking of characters who have died on LOST.

In the first of a multiple part study, we use the IMDB cast page for LOST and look at who's died, how they died, and how significant their characters were. There's no particular order, we just take them as we find them. Part 1 has us looking at the pilot  of 815 (Greg Grunberg again!), the marshall, Sun's love interest, and Montand (among others).

We also take a moment to respond to an audio comment from Anthony (aka @oriSTUDFARM), co-host of the Scutter Cast. If you're a fan of Red Dwarf - Scutter Cast is where you should be.

As always, we are striving to present you a Season 6 Spoiler-free podcast. We do not refer to or make use of anything from Comic-con.

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A very big thank you has to go to the Lost Podcasting Network for taking us under their wing.


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  • Lottery Ticket

    Thanks for including my comments from a couple of epis back. Maybe because you are talking about credited actors here in Dead Part 1 you have to over look Gary Troupe, author of Bad Twin (Sawyer finds and reads; side note: last page was rip off and burned, so Sawyer doesn’t know how it ends. Seems eerily similar to ComicCon panel sketch. ) He is the person sucked into the engine on the beach.

    I think the importance of the scene were the woman drowns in S1, was so that Boone could say “We have to go back.”

    Montand’s death was in two places? Under the temple wall and at the beach. So can a body that has been taken by Smokey be killed a second time. After Jin stops Rousseau from entering the underground with her team, he flashes. At some point all of the French team re-emerge from under the wall and are now possessed? The sickness. Later flash finds Jin back at the beach (black smoke signal). He finds two dead bodies shot in the chest, dynamite (Black Rock), and music box. He sees Daniel shoot Montand. Montand falls to the sand. Danielle sees Jin and tries to kill him. Montand has his arm. So what does Danielle make of that? Are there one too many arms?

    Forward to 2004, Rousseau states that they were returning from the Dark Territory when they came down with the sickness. Maybe just a continuity error and Season 5 story was adjusted to have the French team taken by Smokey at the wall. So three people are “ill” at the same time, according to Danielle. Does that adjust our understanding of Smokey? Can he be in multiple bodies simultaneously?

    When I first heard Rousseau says “he didn’t notice the pin was removed either” to Sayid, I took that scene to mean that crazy Rousseau had plotted to kill her team and that she was the ’sick’ individual. Finding out that she was, in fact, NOT sick one was a great reveal.

    I’m still at a bit of a loss at to why the writers killed her and Karl off in S4 via Keeme’s team and who buried them in the shallow graves?. Hope you can shed some light. I just chalked it up to the need to end character storylines.

    Aug 7, 2009 at 10:37 pm