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Mar 2010
Episode 033 - ReThinking Ab Aeterno
Posted in Season 6 Analysis, Predictions, Theories, Rethinking 2010 by rethinkinglost at 12:29 am

Join Scott and Elton as they ReThink "Ab Aeterno" and seek to present an analysis of the episode that differs a bit from what you might hear elsewhere. This week the guys make a strong case for Jacob as an elemental force, propose a new theory about the flash-sideways, defend the integrity of the prison priest, and much more. Our discussion is spoiler-free, as always.

Be sure to look back on the LPN and ReThinking LOST feeds for Episode 32 - Emails, Tweets, and a Contest! (released on Friday, March 26) where we shared some of your theories and announced our "Create a ReThinking LOST promo for us" competition, and watch for another episode from us next and every weekend.

Thank you for respecting our spoiler policy and keeping in mind that Elton is watching from the UK and usually doesn't see the episodes until a few days after the US airing. We hope to make it through Season 6 spoiler-free, so we ask that you consider that when tweeting, emailing, or posting on our site.

Thanks for listening, and please do reach out to us.

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