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Jul 2009
Episode 005 - 2004 First Impressions
Posted in Hiatus, Rethinking 2004 by rethinkinglost at 7:39 pm


Who is Greg Grunberg?

In this episode we talk about questions the posed about and around the pilot episode at the Ain't it Cool News website by their correspondant, "Hercules." (be careful, accessing the main AICN site, at, may lead to Season 6 spoilers, but the links provided below are SPOILER-FREE)

  • Lost 1.1 FAQ from 24th July 2004
  • Interview with Damon Lindelof from 21st August 2004 (did he really just say something else would be crashing on the island?)

We also look back at Entertainment Weekly's first impressions of the main characters from 5th October 2004: some good, some not so good.

Thank you once again to everyone for your great feedback, but please don't stop.

And seriously, who is Greg Grunberg?

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  • Antony James (ori-STUDFARM)

    Congrats with the Lost Podcasting Network thing. Done wonders for your downloads. At first I thought “Wow! My Podcast Of The Week works well!!” :D

    Aug 4, 2009 at 5:22 pm
  • Randy

    Really? Who is Greg Grunberg? Greg is one of J.J.’s favorite actors. J. J. casts him whenever possible, even if only for a short time (Lost, Alias, Felicity). Taht’s why he was cast as the pilot.

    Aug 4, 2009 at 5:41 pm
  • rethinkinglost

    I (Scott) will take the hit for that one.

    I do remember him being one of JJ’s guys, now that you mention it, and I did vaguely remember there being something about him that made people say “oh, and of course “Greg Grunberg” (as noted in the podcast)… but I was drawing a blank when we recorded

    50 points to you for being the first to actually tell me who he is. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

    Aug 4, 2009 at 8:49 pm
  • Lottery Ticket

    Scott, stop what you’re doing and read “The Stand.”

    “Pilot 1 and 2″ are my favorite LOST episodes. So many personal memories - first purchase of TV show through iTunes, first time on chat/thread boards over at the Fuselage and the Transmission, remember meeting neighbors in the backyard to discuss. We were ALL totally lost.

    I will only comment on the description of Sawyer as ’smoking.’ I think he is the only character that smoked. The only other time that we encounter cigarettes is in the Pearl Station. A burning cigarette can be seen as Locke enters. I’ve always wondered whether this was one of Ben’s Others or someone/something else. Add it to “things that will never get answered.”

    Do we think Sawyer will revert to his smoking and drinking rough guy personality in S6? You bet.

    Moving on to Dead part 1 and hope to catch up on all things LOST by end of next week.

    Scott, is there a Rethinking Lost game? I see you are awarding points. Randy out ahead by 50 points.

    Saw a shout out from @hawaii on the twitter feed. And now LPNetwork. Elton your head must be as big as Mr. Garcia arm.

    *bear hug* all

    Aug 7, 2009 at 7:13 pm
  • Claudia

    Great podcast, guys! It was wonderful to revisit the pilot…like Lotto said it brought back so many memories. I was hooked from the start, I remember thinking, “I HAVE GOT to watch this show!”. As far as first impressions go…there was something that struck me as odd about Jack right from the beginning. Although he did treat and help lots of injured passengers, there was this action hero side to him that I just couldn’t understand. Like you said in the podcast (I don’t remember who said it) a doctor would have stayed at the beach to continue looking after the injured and not go traipsing into the jungle to face God knows what, and his being the only doctor and all….so I thought…this guy’s different; he’s going to play a major role.

    and as for Grunberg…as soon as I saw him I remembered him as Felicity’s roomate’s oddball boyfriend…and wasn’t HE supposed to be the series regular and Jack was supposed to die in the pilot…I heard something about that….

    Aug 8, 2009 at 9:22 am
  • Claudia

    Ok, so according to the Holy Lostpedia, Grunberg’s character was added at the last minute to die instead of Jack. The dead body hanging from the tree was supposed to be Jack, too. Thank you, Captain Seth Norris for facing a grizzly death at the hands of Smoky so Dr. Jacko could live to become bearded pill-popping Jack. The Season 3 finale was priceless….”We have to go back, Kate!”

    Aug 8, 2009 at 9:38 am